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Instructing Emily

Instructing Emily

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Graduate student Emily Brooks wishes she were going to a romantic rendezvous with Professor Mark Kendall. Instead, she’s heading to his office to salvage her grade-point average, since she was too distracted by his hotness to pass some of his tests. When the professor realizes Emily wants more than a passing grade, he agrees to retest her—while he administers some new, very pleasurable distractions.


When Emily passes, Mark invites her to his house for the weekend and she’s thrilled that her romantic dreams are finally coming true. However, once there, she learns he expects her to be his sex slave. His touch is too exquisite to resist and his demands and dominance become more and more exciting as the weekend progresses. But is this all part of a bigger test? And if she passes, will she get the one thing she’s wanted for years?


Note: Graduate at the head of the class by studying the rest of the kinky curriculum at E.J. Kumm University in Hard on Miss Hardin and Checking Out Audrey, also by Lyla Sinclair.

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"This is the first story of Lyla Sinclair’s that I have read but it’s sure not to be the last. The way she is able to bring out emotion is exemplary. I can’t wait to see what she has coming out next."
- Terri of Night Owl Reviews
Hold on to your fans and crank up the air. This little novella is HOT! I was squirming right along with Emily when Prof. Kendall told her that while he couldn’t be seduced for a grade, he could be seduced. Ms. Sinclair really knows how to build the sexual tension. While Instructing Emily is a short story, Ms. Sinclair writes in such easy flowing, vivid language you aren’t left feeling shorted on plot or details.

One of the hallmarks of Ms. Sinclair’s writing that shines throughout this series is her character development. I felt like I really knew Emily and Mark by the end of the story. Mark’s sexual dominance is almost overwhelming to Emily. Almost. To be honest this reviewer was getting pretty nervous on Emily’s behalf. She takes a huge leap of faith by giving over her freedom to Mark for the weekend. More than once I wanted to jump into the story and tell her get dressed and get out. Thankfully, Emily was stronger than I would have been and it totally pays off. Mark needs Emily almost, if not more, than she wants him.

Instructing Emily is a true can’t miss in my book! I look forward to seeing what the ever so clever Ms. Sinclair offers up next. Guaranteed to be great!
- Honeysuckle of Whipped Cream Reviews

"Lyla Sinclair brings you into Emily's world with her feelings and reaction to a man she has wanted for a long time, also she shows the struggle that one faces when hurt by a lover. It is a great story of trust that can develop into something more if given time and that not everyone can be considered the same. You will love the hot erotic ways Mark makes Emily prove her obedience and how easily that can be shattered and rebuilt into something more."

- Yvette Lowe of Siren Book Reviews