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Checking Out Audrey

Checking Out Audrey

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For six years, student-worker-turned-librarian Audrey Simms has peered through the bookshelves, watching the wild encounters that take place in the third-floor reference section of the Edward J. Kumm University library. She’s not proud of her little hobby, but it’s the closest she can come to having an erotic experience herself, since her extreme shyness prevents her from making eye contact with others, much less anything else

…until the day she’s found out and blackmailed.

Audrey thinks she’s agreed to go to an apartment and watch clandestinely from the closet, but once there, is shocked to learn she’s actually meant to be the participant this time, instead of the voyeur. Can she let go of her restraint long enough to enjoy a real night of pleasure with an actual man? And could this wild encounter somehow lead her to a relationship of her own?

Note: Graduate at the head of the class by studying the rest of the kinky curriculum at E.J. Kumm University in Hard on Miss Hardin and Instructing Emily, also by Lyla Sinclair.

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I can sum this quick, steamy read up in three words. Hot! Hot! Hot! Ms. Sinclair doesn’t disappoint as she leads you into what is supposed to be the dull life of Audrey, but it turns out to be anything but. Max is everything any woman can want in a Latin lover. This is one of the best short stories I have ever read. It was everything that I expected and more.

Ms Sinclair has done a great job of creating an erotic, sensual story that will entice you and leave you breathless and having to fan yourself. Even in a short length read Ms. Sinclair was able to give a great amount of back story on each character to show you how they arrived to the point they were at. CHECKING OUT AUDREY will leave a smile on your face when it is over. This is a saucy read that you won’t want to put away, and even when you do, it will always be on your mind. CHECKING OUT AUDREY is a must read."

- Teagan of Romance Junkies
Ms. Sinclair has woven a very hot, erotic story that sparks the imagination. Her characters are fleshed out, life-like, intelligent and captivating. The storyline is intriguing, exciting and smoking hot. There are some readers that may not like some of the things that happen in this story, but I found them integral to the plot and exciting. This is a book that I will definitely be adding to my keeper collection. I am excited to recommend this book to others.
- Heather of Night Owl Reviews
Ms Sinclair has done a wonderful job creating an erotic, sensual, tactile tale that will tantalize your senses and leave your legs weak and other parts of get the idea :) I enjoy a good quickie that can really get your blood pumping, give it to you just the way you want it and leave you smiling when it's over :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
- of Seriously Reviewed