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The Captain's Price

Captain's Price

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Captain’s Private Journal, May 30, 1790

My heart pounds hard in my chest as I think of her—the lass who awaits me, naked in my cabin as I commanded. She was discovered masquerading as one of my seamen, yet I am still appalled at myself for demanding such a lewd price for her passage. But when I looked into her eyes—wide, but somehow beckoning—I was filled with a need deeper than any I’d ever known.

For her. For Julianna.

Can I truly touch her and taste her and satisfy my lust on her without taking the maidenhead meant for another man? I am a man of impeccable self-control—an asset that has redeemed my family and ensured I’ll not become my wayward father. Then what has taken hold of me? Each moment, the urge to go to her and steal away all that belongs to another grows more irresistible. I must touch her. I must hold her. I must drive myself into her…

I must not.

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This story has everything anyone could want: danger, love, deception, and a heroine that isn't afraid to fight for what she wants and a hero who allows her time to discover herself.
Lyla Sinclair created an enticing dilemma that would make any woman glad to pay the Captain’s Price without hesitation. I have added her name on my growing list of authors to watch.
- Amethyst Nymph of Literary Nymphs Reviews
"Guilty Pleasure Alert! This was an awesome read that had me glued to my reader. Full of dark desires, guilt, discovery, jealousy and finally love."
"This is a story I will read again and again, it was that good."
- Chris of Night Owl Reviews
"The characters are extremely well developed for so few words. You get a real sense of Juliana’s home life and why she felt she had to leave. Captain Price has morals and standards that he lives by and by reading his daily journal, you learn about his desire for Juliana and his desire to do what is right."

"I really enjoyed this story and wanted it to continue. I thoroughly liked the characters. I found life on ship was interesting. I firmly recommend this story. It would be perfect for that rainy afternoon or whenever you want to meet up with a handsome sailor."
- Terri of Night Owl Reviews
I think this is an interesting novella--a very authentic context in which two people are thrown together and find their attraction overwhelming. Yet they are both people of honor and integrity, having built their lives on being trustworthy. Now what do they do? Ms Sinclair has written a very good story in a shorter literary format--not an easy thing to accomplish for any writer--and she has designed characters that are genuine and who "fit" the historical context of this story. This situation very well may have happened in real life. It is readable and interesting, and my attention was assured from word one to the last page. I really like historical fiction but every now and then I encounter stories that just don't do it for me. This was not one of those. I found I liked the main characters very much--I empathized with their struggle to make sense of what it meant for their future.

This is one of those warm and fuzzy love stories set in a distant time and place. Romance fans will find much to enjoy here. There's some hot loving and even some piracy to liven up the tale. I give this novella a rating of 4 out of 5.
- Judith of Book Binge

"In Captain’s Price, Lyla Sinclair takes the time-honored tale of the captain’s virginal captive and gives it new life.  With a light touch and a lot of humor, she spins a story with familiar outlines, but full of welcome surprises... The interplay between the two is appealing in its give and take and the romance is a rare blend of sexy and sweet.  All in all, I’d call Captain’s Price a gamble well worth taking."

"Wonderful story that I could not stop reading until I reached the end filled with seafaring adventure and romance. Regardless of trying to be strong Drew cannot help letting his emotions get the better of him at times and Julianna is so innocent she is like a breath of fresh air."

- Annette of RomFan Reviews
"Ms. Sinclair’s writing is so vivid it felt deliciously voyeuristic to be taken along for the lessons."

"Ms. Sinclair’s use of the Captain’s log to dictate Captain Price's thoughts and reveal his plans to the reader was brilliant. Ms. Sinclair never fails to entertain with her unique characters, witty dialogue and well developed plots. Captain’s Price was no exception. I quickly soaked up this novella in one setting and can’t wait to see what Ms. Sinclair has waiting for us next."

- Honeysuckle of Whipped Cream Reviews