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The Revenge of Jarrett Jones

The Revenge of Jarrett Jones

Now Available!

Katherine Hardin can’t believe she’s just agreed to give a man control over her—three wishes, any time, any place of his choosing. After all, she’s a prominent professor at Edward J. Kumm University and could soon be chosen as dean of the journalism department.

But just after her fortieth birthday, she was blindsided by sudden, thigh-clenching lust for a 22-year-old senior whose bold stares said he saw her as more than his professor. To cover her desire, Katherine drilled him with questions all semester in front of the class. Now Jarrett Jones has appeared, demanding she make amends, and she can’t resist fulfilling her fantasies of him.

However, Jarrett may turn out to be more than Katherine bargained for. Unaware of what he’s willing to do for domination and retaliation, Katherine finds herself walking a dangerous line between honoring her secret agreement and maintaining control over her personal life and professional reputation.

Note: Graduate at the head of the class by studying the rest of the kinky curriculum at E.J. Kumm University in Instructing Emily and Checking Out Audrey, also by Lyla Sinclair.

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"This was an excellent short story – one which was rather steamy!"
"The sex scenes are hot and well written. This is a great short read, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Sinclair’s work."
"Word of advice: Don’t forget to breathe!"
- Honeysuckle of Whipped Cream