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About Lyla

Lyla loves to be alone at sunset, dreaming up new erotic encounters to satisfy her readers' cravings. But most of the day, she can be found lying on the beach, surrounded by nubile young bodies, all of whom are at her beck and call. Eyes closed, sun warming her scantily clad body, she dictates her most lurid fantasies to one of her young sex-slaves as she’s massaged, manicured and lulled to sleep by a nude Spanish guitarist. These catnaps are important, since her nights are spent gorging herself on young men and chocolate (though she never, ever gains weight).

An Interview with Lyla Sinclair

Since you write erotica and erotic romance, what are your “turn-ons”?

Physically, I like a slim build on a man. I’ve never been into the Schwarzenegger or line-backer types. And, men who are especially smart or funny really grab my interest as long as they’re not pompous about it.

However, a man who puts his lips to my ear and whispers his own hot story to me in the dark can have me as his sex slave for life.

Do you have any “turn-offs”?

Nasal overload. Strong after-shave and cologne make me feel dizzy, and not in a good way. And I’m quite turned off by body hair—at least on the torso and back area.

I once read a sexy romance novel where the man sounded almost as hairy as an ape. My apologies to the very good author, but I couldn’t get through it. You won’t see a lot of mentions of chest hair in my stories, but you’re welcome to imagine it there if you wish. That’s why books are so much fun. We can tailor-make the hero and heroine into our own ideal lovers.

What do you want readers to take away from your stories?

Well, first, I think we all need some escape and if the only thing my stories did was allow someone a little time away from the frustrations of everyday life, it would be good enough for me.

However, I tend to write stories in which, through her romantic and/or sexual experiences, the heroine learns something about herself, overcomes an obstacle, or feels better about herself at the end than she did at the beginning of the story. I like to leave my readers feeling uplifted. They might even get a little chuckle on the last line.

Do you recommend your stories to everyone?

No. My stories are not for people who are uncomfortable with very explicit sex of almost any kind and definitely not for anyone under 18 (maybe 21).

Do you like to hear from readers?

I love hearing from the ones who adore my work. (Laughing.) No, seriously, those are the only ones I want to hear from.

Any last message to your readers?

Well… yes. When you read my stories, I sincerely hope you get what you came for!